Types of Yixing Zisha Teapots

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Types of Yixing Zisha Teapots

KettlePots.com: Zisha teapots are very popular among collectors, but although a respected art form, these fine ceramic pieces are not just for decoration. The pot exists as a partner to the tea and should be used and enjoyed. In general there are five styles of Zisha (Yixing) tea ware and through experience and time you will slowly begin to discover what pot best suits your personal style and needs.

1.  Tea Pot: This is generally considered a feminine design. The open structure is great for the use of tightly packed oolong teas like Monkey Picked because the space allows for the full opening of the leaves.

2. Square Tea Pot: A masculine design that is extremely difficult to make. If not assembled correctly the firing process can easily distort the angles of a square pot ruining the overall design. The walls are generally thicker so these tea pots are good for strongly oxidized teas that require a higher water temperature to get a full flavored infusion.

Ribbed Zisha PotCredit: EliteAuction

3. Ribbed Tea Pot: This is a very difficult design that is similar in shape to a round tea pot. It takes a very skilled crafts person to create a ribbed tea pot that is perfectly matched between the body, lid and spout.

4. Nature and Mythology Motifs: To beginner tea drinkers these tea pots are very appealing because they require little knowledge of tea to be appreciated. Often depicting common animals and mythology, these pots are delightful to look at.

5. Tea Ware Replications: It has become increasingly popular for Zisha potters to recreate famous historical tea sets that had been constructed from various other materials. This type of tea set is used mostly for display.

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In conclusion, based on the tea leaves you use & the number of people you make tea for, should your decision in selecting a teapot be based on.

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