Features to look at when you buy a kettle

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Features to look at when you buy a kettle

Kettles have been long used since centuries. What was once a kitchen collectible of the royal families has now become an essential item of most houses. Kettle are known to elevate your tea drinking experience. And if you are a tea connoisseur, you would certainly be keen to know some important features of a kettle before you own one of them.


1. Size

Get a size that appropriately fits your need only. If you make tea primarily for yourself, a small kettle is the best choice because it will heat your water quickly. On the other hand, a larger tea kettle would be more appropriate for many people.


Some kettles have very wide spout to make it easy for your to refill water through the spout. This can be a handy feature for some people. However, if you are going to use a small tea pot, it is best to get a tea kettle with a small, well-defined spout to give you better control over the hot water. Spilling boiling water on your hand is no fun!


Another handy feature to have on a tea kettle is a heat-resistant handle. It is a lot easier to pour water for your tea if you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself when you pick up the handle!


Kettles that whistle when the water reaches the boiling point are a good safety feature that keeps you from accidentally boiling the kettle dry. If you don’t need a reminder and the whistling sound drives you crazy, you can get a tea kettle without a whistle. Some more expensive kettles even come with whistles designed to sound musical instead of shrill.

5. Type of kettle

Decide if you would like a stovetop model or an electric model. Whatever is best for your comfort and ease of handling will help you make this choice.

6. Material

Look into the material of the kettle you would prefer. It is also based on the type of tea you would like to brew. The materials range from aluminum, stainless steel, glass, copper, cast iron, clay and yixing teapots.



Source: amazing-green-tea.com

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