Using your teapot filters effectively

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Using your teapot filters effectively

There is always a purpose of buying any type of teapot, it’s not the sheer size or color but the intricate things like tea selection, filters inside a teapot etc. Filters are an essential criteria in selection of your teapot. Once you’ve decided the type of tea you would like to brew, the next step is to check out the filters of the teapot you want to buy.

Depending on the type of texture of the tea leaves the filter holes also should vary. If your tea leaves are whole leaves, then big holes for your filter should go well. And if your tea leaf is in powdered form, then tiny holes are good. If has been believed that metal filters of the 70s are best for fine filtering but the latest choice of the tea lovers has been the ceramic filters because the hygiene levels of maintaining these metallic filters is a doubtful since the powdery teas got clogged and it tends to get dirty on the back side hence hard to clean, so the risk of bad smell.


No matter how well you choose the filter, it also depends on how you pour the tea till the last drop without the tea leaves covering the filter completely, Very few people pour properly without  clogging the filter otherwise the taste of your tea might be affected. One should pour slowly, little by little, so to avoid the liquid flowing out from the edge of the lid first, but to watch out that the leaves do not come completely cover the filter. Thus, even with a very powdery tea, the “debeso” type filter teapot should not get clogged. To realize this, one can train pouring without the lid. A slow pour also allows less stir of the leaves and prevents parasite tastes.



As shown in the picture above, the tea should be poured in such a way that the leaves settle down while your filter is also not covered completely.

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