Choosing A Teapot

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Choosing A Teapot

The benefits of using teapots are endless. To elucidate a few benefits they are:

  • Retains tea oils
  • Churns out the true aroma of the tea
  • Tea tastes better in a teapot
  • Type of tea you intend to brew, whether strong or mild tea leaves.
  • Constant use of a teapot helps make the flavour of the tea aromatic since the flavour remain in the pores in case of a clay teapot.

So are you in a dilemma to make a choice of the right teapot suitable for you? But before you chose the type, first look into the useability. Consider the following factors while buying a teapot:

  • Size – To make 1 cup or 6 cups?
  • Will it be used for brewing tea or pouring tea?
  • Is it easy to hold well & pour the tea?
  • Does it fit your budget?

Here are the types of teapots you can select from:

1. Ceramic

Ceramic teapot

It can be used for brewing any type of tea leaf but check for the glazing in the inside of the teapot because if its glazed you can alternate your tea choices else stick to one type of tea only. The enamel coating of ceramic teapot makes these teapots do not absorb tea flavor. It is best used for mild flavoured tea leaves such as green tea and alike. It is usually fired in open pits and at low temperatures.

2. Porcelain

Porcelain teapot

This category of teapots is more aligned with China than blue and white. It comes in  three-dimensional ornamental designs, related underglazing and glazing techniques for either glass-like or intentionally crackled designs. The tea warmer can enhance the heat retention of the porcelain teapot. The Porcelain teapot is not suitable for the tea required for longer brewing time such as herbal tea or black tea.

3. Clay/ Yixing

Clay teapot (1)

The Clay teapot/ Yixing teapot is the best teapot for brewing Oolong and Pu-er teas. Teapot absorb the tannins in the tea when brewing and create deposits that build up over the successive of infusions.  The more the teapot is using the better it will reveal the wealth of aromas in the tea infused in it. Clay tespots are memory teapots because this type of teapot remembers the tea flavor, so mixing different types of tea is a total no-no.

4. Glass

Glass teapot

The glass teapot is ideal for blooming flower tea and stylish leaves unfurling. Glass pots can stain and a little elbow grease, with or without mild soap, will clean them up easily and completely. If soap is used, it is critical to rinse in very warm water (thoroughly, many times) to ensure that no soap residue remains. Their smooth surface is suitable with all types of tea and does not affect the taste. Most designed glass teapots are equipped with infusion strainers. You can remove the strainer when preparing tea bag.

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